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A Legacy of Providing Healthcare Continues

In 1946, Congress passed the Hill-Burton Act, giving grants and loans to hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities grants for construction and modernization. The facilities were then required to provide a reasonable volume of services to persons unable to pay and to make their services available to all persons residing in the facility’s area” according to the Health Resources and Services Administration website.

Minnie G Boswell Memorial Hospital (Minnie G. Boswell) in Greensboro was the nation’s first Hill-Burton hospital. When it was built, it was considered one of the most modern small- community hospitals in the country. A retired Army colonel, James G. Boswell, grew up six miles from Greensboro and made a major donation for the hospital’s construction. Along with that contribution, he asked that the hospital be named in honor of his mother, Minnie G. Boswell.


Dr. Joseph Parker was one of the founding physicians at Minnie G. Boswell in 1949. He served as chief of staff for the hospital for twenty-five years until his retirement. Prior to becoming a physician at Minnie G. Boswell, Dr. Parker provided healthcare to Greene and surrounding counties. The medical services DR. Parker provided were house calls, 24-hour, 7-day a week until 1949. Dr. Parker was a beloved physician by all who knew him. In 1989 a skilled nursing center was added behind the hospital and was named Boswell Parker Health & Rehabilitation, after Dr. Parker and Minnie G. Boswell.





The history runs deep with both Minnie G. Boswell Hospital and Boswell Parker Health & Rehabilitation. The recently- vacant hospital has had a new life breathe into it: It will once again supply healthcare services.

With what was a former-hospital is now a beautiful renovated part of a short-term rehabilitation wing. We then look to the future of the area’s healthcare with a new name Legacy Health & Rehabilitation. Boswell Parker Health & Rehabilitation and Minnie G Boswell Hospital together are now carrying on the legacy of providing healthcare services to those in need as Legacy Health & Rehabilitation.

Legacy Health & Rehabilitation will offer outpatient and inpatient short-term rehabilitation and long-term care.

above: state-of the art patient room at Legacy Health and Rehabilitation

Patients, families and members of the community recently gathered to celebrate the recent renovations at Legacy Health and Rehabilitation.

above: Legacy Health and Rehabilitation Administrator, DeeAnna Hill and Jeff Ginn, Area Director of Operations for Ethica
Health present a plaque commemorating the center's renovations.

above: a local newspaper features the ribbon cutting ceremony at Legacy Health and Rehabilitation.