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Associates aiding patients at a Rehabilitation Therapy Center with various physical therapy exercises such as walking, peddling a stationary bike, and arm movement exercises

Available Services

Skilled Nursing: providing individualized skilled nursing services to short-term and long-term patients across Georgia.

Home Health: providing skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapy to assist patients in reaching their desired goals in the comfort of their home.

Pharmacy Services: providing pharmacy services to skilled nursing centers and assisted living centers throughout the state of Georgia.

Transportation: providing Neonatal, emergency and non-emergency transport services, special event coverage, EMT and Paramedic courses, community CPR training and more.

Medical Services: a medical services delivery team providing 24/7 primary care for post-acute patients in a skilled nursing setting.

Hospice: providing 24 hour hospice care for patients and families during the transition to end of life.

Care Management: providing enhanced transition of care for patients at high risk for hospital readmission. The only SOURCE provider serving all 159 counties in Georgia.

Rehabilitation: providing skilled physical, occupational and speech therapy services in post acute, hospital and home health settings.

Distribution: offering a wide variety of healthcare products and services to meet the needs of long-term care centers.

Emergency Response: a personal, reliable and cost-effective emergency response system which summons assistance remotely via a wireless, battery-powered transmitter.

Foundation: a 501(c)3 non-profit through which 100% of all donations go directly to the funds of the donor's choice.